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Finn Hudson interviews Kurt Hummel for the Lima Star

How many people have seen this? It’s adorable. 

[Fic] Don’t Bend, Don’t Break (for klaine advent prompt #15 overture)


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(prompts listed in chronological order here. (I’ll update that post after I post this one). This one goes between “No Need to Be Without” and “So Many Riches”)

Don’t Bend, Don’t Break

Kurt/Adam, Kurt/Blaine | T | Drama | Set between 4x18 & 4x19, the morning after “No Need to Be Without” | warnings for Adam pressuring Kurt to have sex & the break up of a non-serious relationship | klaineadvent Prompt #15 overture | Title from Seal’s “Love’s Divine” | Kurt wants so much more than nice. (In which Adam is nice guy, but it may come with scare quotes after all.) | ~3,600 words

A grateful shout-out to the-multicorn for so patiently helping me fix up this story. <3 Any remaining flaws are not due to her diligence.

An extra note: This story isn’t super friendly to Adam, and I have been sitting on it for a while, nervous of committing myself to this version of his character, because honestly? I both enjoy and prefer the fic interpretations of Adam as wiser, kinder, sweeter, and more generous. I actually feel pretty protective of them! But, in this ‘verse, I wanted to try a different take on Adam, exploring some of the reservations I had about his character in canon. So, this is a less shiny Adam, but, I hope, still a plausible one.

And an extra warning: The story is, by design, rather uncomfortable. So if you’re worried about being triggered by it, I’m happy to address any questions or concerns.

eta: [ read on AO3 ]

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I really love this story.  How tense and yet understated the atmosphere is - (misqueue is the best at atmosphere) - how entirely believable a person this take on Adam is, not entirely truly nice but not without his charm, the way this specific relationship plays out around and because of Kurt’s reluctance to name or give up on things, his uncertainty, and also the things he wants, specific as those are.  (Which I love, actually.)  And Kurt, here, most of all - he is always himself.  Uncompromising, not always forever, but when it comes to it…. out of all the muddledness and struggling somehow along, he knows what he wants, what he’ll do and what he won’t, and it makes me want to cheer.  <3.

A couple notes, possibly?  I’m a big fan (I think everyone knows) of the kind and sincere Adam that I’ve mostly seen in fic - but I think this interpretation fits with the few bits of canon we have just as well.  Much as I prefer to imagine that Kurt has ~all the good things~.  And the story is uncomfortable - it made me so, the first time I read it.  But it’s so real, and so finely drawn, and so good.

Beginner’s Luck 5/9 (Kurt/Blaine, d/s AU)


Beginner’s Luck
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, background Sam/Mercedes
Word count: 4,000 words this chapter
Rating: Explicit

Summary: D/s AU. At NYADA, he’s Blaine, a high-achieving student with lots of friends. At his part-time job, he’s Devon, professional sub at a clinic for doms. Kurt meets them both, but only falls for one.

Read the original GKM prompt here,

A/N: Continued thanks to damnpene and wowbright for beta-reading and encouragement. And to my sort of co-author for this chapter, Mr. Shakespeare, for the help.

Read on AO3 || PreviouslyChapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 5

There was nothing Kurt loved as much as performing. Even in a situation like this, where it was just him and his scene partner in the front of the classroom — no sets, no lights, no costumes, no stage — there was still the rush of bringing the words to life, and having everyone’s eyes on him in a way that he chose. Since his hormones had kicked into overdrive, he’d come to realize that for him performing was another sort of dominance: taking the whole audience in his hand and leading them through the experience he wanted them to have. It was exhilarating.

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ahhhh this is really great identity porn, (and also some very hot actual porn ;) ), but it’s the doubled and redoubled who is this, not who I think he is, but they’re always still themselves… but then again remember the different the things they hide and show!  That really does it for me.

Chris Colfer & The Bear - A Tragic Love Story

mockanddee replied to your post “I love them both, so so so much. [[MOR](and I always try anyway to…”

Oh god, I know I fall into the trap of contrary defensiveness and/or reaction to fandom things lately. I’m trying to not indulge those aspects of myself but it’s hard. <3


and it’s not even ‘indulge,’ sometimes, although lol I know that feeling too, but just like… my brain will get derailed onto certain tracks and I’m like I don’t even know why I’m going there okay, I did not ~approve~!

spaceorphan18 replied to your post “I love them both, so so so much. [[MOR](and I always try anyway to…”

<333 Because sometimes you don’t /like/ your favorite character even though you still love them—but saying that out loud brings you wank from unwanted sources. Fandom is hard. All the love!

lol no one’s wanking at me actually.  it is all in my head.

and I like everyone, and I love everyone!, and I want to chat about stuff forever but I mean c’mon, I don’t have time for half the things I want anyway, idek.


I love them both, so so so much.

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Yeah, not getting into the s4 stuff. I’m still not sure how relevant it will be here, beyond just a broader history-context btwn the two of them ofc.

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mockanddee replied to your post “re latest spoiler pic [[MOR] yep, it’s exactly the same polo…”

I don’t know abt sides or anything but I’m pretty sure MJ specifically said this pep rally happens after Blaine’s conflict w/ Rachel when he accuses her of poaching talent.

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re latest spoiler pic

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In which I am ridiculous maybe possibly or at least an outlier idc

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[Fic] No Need to Be Without (for klaine advent prompt #13 message)


(And now for something completely different.)

Previously: [ 1:artist | 2:belong | 3.consume | 4:dirt | 5:echo  | 6:falter | 7:gift | 8:human | 9:ice  | 10:jigsaw  | 11:key | 12:loft ]

(prompts listed in chronological order here. This one goes between “Like All Dreamers” and “So Many Riches”)

No Need to Be Without

Kurt/Blaine, mentioned Kurt/Adam | M | Drama/Angst | angst, gun politics, violent thoughts,trauma, communication, sex talk, shared sex fantasy with mild kink, guilt | Set during/after 4x18 “Shooting Star” | for klaineadvent prompt #13 message | title from The Tea Party’s “The Messenger” | The shooting at McKinley provides a catalyst for an overdue conversation. | ~4,800 words

So when I said I didn’t think there’d be much more angst in this series? I was mistaken. This is another tough one, but I think it ends on a mostly positive note. <3

Also! I’m so overdue replying to feedback on stories these past several weeks. I am sorry, and please know I am always so very very grateful to hear your comments! Readers are awesome. I couldn’t do it without you. I’ve been a little more overwhelmed than usual recently, and I’ll try to catch up soon. <3<3<3

[ read on AO3 ]

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rereading this tonight; apparently I never reblogged it before.  I read it, and I loved it, of course, but couldn’t think of the words to do it justice….

anyway, it’s amazing.  Hard, of course, given the subject matter.  But it’s so perfect.  There’s so much there, all their actions and reactions against each other, against the truth and the very particular, sharp and twisted and fragile and strong ways that they think, that they see the world.  The ways that truth can’t help but hurt, just a little bit; the ways that love can’t help but hold.

ricochet (you take your aim) - Klaine - [1/1]



Inspired heavily by the video for Titanium

Klaine | rated: tentative R | words: 4k | AO3 | warnings for character death (not Kurt or Blaine) and violence

In a world where those with supernatural powers — so-called Abnorms — are hunted by the government, Kurt Hummel’s life is utterly overturned when he meets Blaine Anderson, the son of Abnorm Rights Activists and an Abnorm himself.

There are three things in Kurt’s life, about which he is absolutely certain. First: he is in love with Blaine. Second: he and Blaine have more in common than anyone can ever find out. And, third: if anyone ever does find out, he will die.

ricochet (you take your aim)


There are three things in Kurt’s life, about which he is absolutely certain.

First: he is in love with Blaine.

Second: he and Blaine have more in common than anyone can ever find out.

And, third: if anyone ever does find out, he will die.

So, that’s why, when Blaine is outed at school, and flees the country, Kurt doesn’t follow. That’s why Kurt chokes down on the ‘shut the fuck up about things you know nothing about’sand the ‘don’t even think that you can judge him’s and the ‘he is twice the person you can ever hope to be’s each time someone tells him that, “You couldn’t have known, Kurt,” and that, “No one saw this coming.”

Kurt did know.

Kurt saw this coming.

But Kurt can’t leave.

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This is dark and difficult, but amazing.

everything nadia said is true.

but most of all this is amazing, suspense and adventure and the best kind of terror, Kurt and Blaine are great and so in love and exactly themselves, and the call backs to canon are smart, but I’m really reccing it for the plot and world.  which is unusual for me, with fic.

But the way this is constructed and comes together so well - best unexpected find I’ve seen recently.  Read it!

[John Vanderslice] said, “If you think the Internet is making us lonelier, then you were never lonely before 1995.” That’s fucking deep, right? You know what you no longer have to do? Sit in your room with nothing. There is someone, even if it’s just some dude arguing about Alien Vs. Predator, right?
John Darnielle, on loneliness in the internet age. [x] (via herminegottlieb)

every blaine relationship → blaine x cooper