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So I hear it’s National Bow Tie Day?!


So I hear it’s National Bow Tie Day?!

Because I intend on, you know, dancing my way into the voters’ hearts.

~One of these days~ I will round up all the snippets of half-written fic on my computer so I at least know where they are.  Also I will type up all the unfinished fics in my many many notebooks (which is where I usually write first drafts), because I have accumulated so many omg.

Right now I will apparently side-eye gmail for refusing to show me the Notes file I sent it from my ipod, why won’t it work :|.


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the wonderful gluttonouspenguin tagged me in a meme <3.  which i did not long ago (robin, so did you, you tagged me!), so I need to make up new answers now.

1: What’s my name: okay okay I will say one time.  It’s Debra.  Don’t call me that, please call me multicorn/mults/etc.
2: My birthday? still June 5 
3: Where am I from? the internet!  the stories!  the trees!
4: Do I have a crush rn? Kurt Hummel!  Chris Colfer!  Brit Marling!  Gwen-from-Merlin!  yeah cause I like feeling buzzy and happy but a crush doesn’t ~mean anything.
5: Favourite colour? purple purple purple but green is my second favorite does that count
6: Write something in caps? HI HELLO HELLO WORLD i can’t think of anything? I ALWAYS TYPE IN ‘HELLO WORLD’ and then if i have to say something more ‘HOW ARE YOU DOING? I AM FINE.’ i am sure my computer products appreciate this question and information.
7: Favourite artist: probably some fantasy illustrator I don’t know the name of?  but for names I know, I’ll say Monet.
8: Favourite number? 42 forever :p
9: Favourite drink? I’ve been drinking ginger peach assam tea this week I recommend it.  but really cider or wine.
10: tag 5 people: chiasmuslovesme, nadiacreek, fierybeams, likearumchocolatesouffle, misqueue.  IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO, do not feel obligated <333.

so your tag for non-sp0ilerish season 6 stuff is going to be #gl33jaculation? is that right?

oh, no, I guess that wasn’t clear!  I am tagging negative/wanky/etc. sp0iler reaction posts #premature gleejaculation.  Spelled like that, properly, no 3’s.  In addition to #glee sp0ilers of course, which I am using for everything sp0ilery.  In case anyone wants to blacklist them who’s not blacklisting sp0ilers as a whole.

"In The Dark" - Kurt/Blaine


Early-to-middle-ish!Klaine.  Kurt teases Blaine in a room full of their friends and then gives him a blowjob after everyone falls asleep.

Jude: I see your intergluteal porn and raise you a blowjob!  YOUR TURN.

It’s chilly in the basement, so no one comments when Kurt drags a fleece blanket around them as they settle to watch the recording of their last competition set.

Burt and Carole had said goodnight after making sure that no one had smuggled alcohol in—Kurt had rolled his eyes (“Dad, I’m classier than that—also, that carpet was not cheap.”)—so now it’s just a small group of them, pairs where pairs exist, sprawled out on sleeping bags and pillows and blankets all over the room.

Blaine makes them watch the recording twice at full speed without stops before going through it song by song at reduced speed. It’s important to self-criticize, and he has specific ideas about what they can do to perform better next time.

The New Directions’ patience lasts about as long as the third number. Santana throws a pillow at his head. Puck starts eying the basement window and muttering about escape and the quickest jogging path to the nearest liquor store. Sam is surfing the Internet on Blaine’s phone. Rachel is on Blaine’s side, but she is easily distracted by Finn. One by one, they all check out and stop listening, until finally someone suggests a generic movie choice that they can all agree on, and Kurt flicks the DVD case across the room with a resigned sigh.

"This is what happens when we trap them in a small space without alcohol and ask them to tolerate each other," he says, settling against Blaine’s side.

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THIS IS SO HOT.  I mean, it’s Beizy, of course it is.  But the physical descriptions are all so - ahhh - how do you do that, write a hundred different descriptions and have none of them sound repetitive and every one sound like something you want.  And the teasing!  guhhh.  And Kurt looking impish at the end :D.

re literally the worst characters to ever bring back

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the-multicorn replied to your post: ok, i understand why rachel is in lima…

i have decided (since artie’s there too) that they’re all doing SING!/rachel’s failed pilot ~right.~ together. until we get further information disproving this. carrying the sharing opportunities theme & we work better together through till the end

I don’t understand. So all the characters have decided to go back to their crappy hometown and relive the “glory days” Schue-style to support Rachel because magical theme of togetherness…?

no no no. to make a ~groundbreaking movie/documentary hybrid or something. bc rachel quit school and kurt and blaine want to do more than just school and they can piggyback on each others’ talents and levels of success to do more than any of them could alone and become ~STARS.

Like: Mercedes invited Santana to be on her album, so it’d be BETTER, and then Brittany to be her back up dancer.  Blaine insisted on bringing Kurt into his showcase performance, and June loved it in the end.  Santana worked a bit as Rachel’s publicist, and that gave her things, experience and maybe a bit of notoriety, as well as helping Rachel.

Now maybe they’ll all take the opportunity that was Rachel’s TV show pilot, even if it failed, because there was a bit of notice from TPTB there.  And run with it, and make something that helps them all win.


on the other hand the-multicorn brings up a damn good point: my girl Mercedes is back can I get a HELL YEAH


cards on the table we’re both showing hearts
risking it although it’s hard