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glee hiatus challenge, day 71: best actors

Again, why does this say ‘best’ instead of ‘favorite’?  Well, I do think my favorite’s the best ;).  But no fighting…

Chris Colfer, of course.  I would pick a couple others in addition but I honestly have no clue.  I’m not much for evaluating acting, usually, and I think they’re all good

But the way he moves his eyes, here and there and back around - the way his face shifts, small but significant - I feel like I can see Kurt think?  It’s part of why I’m attached to him (Kurt, I mean, not Chris!) so much.  And just how much, really, I see all the time in the way he holds himself and moves.  There are tons of super close reading posts of various scenes this way, I’m not going to make one of them.  But WHAT’S OUTSIDE THE CHOIR ROOM WINDOW and my newfound from rewatching s1 obsession with the way Kurt just walks away from numbers and… things, a million things.

(#someone who moves like me)

(Kurt, not Chris, I’ve watched enough of both of them.)

(but Chris makes Kurt move like that….)

glee hiatus challenege, day 72: best dancers

Mike, Brittany, and Jake, of course.  Anyone could say that; I have no idea what order to rank them in.

What I do have is a few comments.  That though Mike’s dancing is amazing to watch, graceful and hilarious and ~just plain fun~ by turns, between the two of ND’s original outstanding dancers, it’s always Brittany whose moments get stuck in my mind.  Who’s not just an amazing dancer, but who someone expresses moments with her body the way some of the other kids do with song.  Impossible, magical.

And then, out of the three of them, it’s actually Jake I want to talk about here.  Because you know how we spent so long talking about ‘best song this’ and ‘best song that’?  “My Life” is just… the best dance number, on Glee, to me, hands down.  The inner conflict that it captured - turning this way, turning that way, no escape - the way one movement turned into the next and the next - the way Jake filled in the space around his body, and hit the limits of the choir room again - the way he jumped on the piano, as if to fly, but no - I never finished the meta piece I once tried to write about it.  But, damn.  That sequence showed me what dancing can do.

Favorite glee character meme → [3/7] Hair moments

Personally, I’ve had so many meetings at Disney, uh, trying to uh, uh [laughs]…I’ve pretty much borderline been stalking a few of the executives at Disney because I’m trying to acquire some of their properties to adapt into movies.
Chris Colfer (July 18, 2014) [x] (via staceysthings)
glee rewatch: 2x09, special education

The truth, I realized, is that not only do I hate editing posts, but I care about too many of these things to boil them down to five or ten.


This first conversation and EMMA :/.  You watched Rocky Horror and it made you think QUINN had a beautiful voice?  …. I mean I like Quinn’s singing fine but she’s not who I’d consider one of the ~neglected stars.~  Glee what are you doing.

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lizinprogress replied to your photo “¦ Are all those views of the birdcage dome on the sides of the Dalton…”

It took me a while to realize they were mirrors, too. Pretty effect, isn’t it?

it is really pretty :)

januarium replied to your post “klaineandbiscuits replied to your post:nadiacreek replied to your…”

From my experience? Everything is just sort of *funnier* live. Because you are caught up with everyone, there’s a little adrenaline from knowing it’s going on TV etc. So it’s much easier to laugh at the recording than watching TV.

That makes sense!  I’ve noticed that effect for music, actually… well, not ‘funnier,’ just ‘better,’ but same difference.  So yeah I guess it would work for comedy too.

staceysthings replied to your post “nadiacreek replied to your post: I just keep wanting to say things…”

I was at the filming for Hot In Cleveland and I have no idea how other multicams work but we were not prompted when to laugh, just told to laugh when appropriate. We actually had to be told to be more quiet for Chris’ entrance after the first take.

Sorry!  I just assumed ‘laugh track’ whenever there’s laughing that isn’t from the characters in the show… and you know what they say about assuming.  Oh well.

(And thanks for the info!  <3)

If I remember correctly, they have signs and a prompter that cue them to laugh. It’s like having an live orchestra for giggles.
Well, I believe they are told WHEN to laugh…like there’s a flashing signal or something.

Wow all the things I am learning today!

(I am usually not this clueless, I swear.)

That sounds kind of horrible but idk I guess people like it >_>.  It makes me want to wonder though, can you tell fake laughs like you can tell fake smiles?  Probably not.  But maybe…?

…. Okay I actually went and checked!  Apparently the answer is ~sometimes~?  #the more you know :D

nadiacreek replied to your post: I just keep wanting to say things like…

It’s not a laugh track, it’s a live studio audience.

How can they laugh that much then, it’s not that funny!

(I did watch the clips you reblogged.)


I am having so much fun finding pics of my students who showed up at the St. Paul book signing. I have seen so many of them in the background shots from fans. Thanks to everyone who is posting the sweet shots of my kids (and you don’t even know it, lol)!

I started writing out my story of meeting Chris and I’m finding that most of it is too personal to post, as the bleed from my professional life to fandom life would be way too much. Suffice it to say that he has made a huge impact on the kids I teach. I gave him a book of letters and stories they wrote for him and he made sure to tell me to thank them. 

Also, I brought a student in with me, one whose family wouldn’t have done it, and one who really needs to be inspired. This guy’s dad must have asked me four times what kind of hold I have over his son because he never sees him so smiley, happy and excited, nor as well-behaved, as he was that night. I think I can call it the “Colfer effect”. This little guy couldn’t read at the beginning of the school year, and he was exceedingly motivated to learn to read because of TLOS. Other than choosing to read it out loud, which sparked his interest, I had very little to do with the transformation. Seeing this guy meet Chris and getting to see Chris interact with him was the highlight of the night for me, much more so than my own fumbling interaction (good Lord, I was so nervous!).

Seeing kids whose lives were changed forever by this series of books interacting with the author? Worth every extra minute on the road and every dime I spent on gas.i

I just keep wanting to say things like ‘hot anywhere tbh.’

I always thought they were mirrors too but looking at your screencap the only thing they reflect is the dome… Are all Dalton students vampires?!


no, I mean, from the angles, the camera’s below the kids, the mirrors are above them, I think it’s legit.

BUT DALTON VAMPIRES with all the ~fairyland stuff and the traditions and the Warblers as a whole seeming weirdly malleable and also Blaine going for Kurt’s neck all the time and then maybe hovering protectively over Kurt when he’s at the school because you make different bargains and I WANT IT OKAY~

(I think if I ever do the fairy courts thing Dalton will have to be blood-drinking fairies.  It’s cool and fits.  And then with Brittany as ND fairy queen which ~human bodily fluids~ do the good side fairies subsist on of course I like that idea yesss~)

buckeyegrrl replied to your photo “¦ Are all those views of the birdcage dome on the sides of the Dalton…”

I think those are mirrors reflecting the dome of the stairwell/atrium— which enables us to catch the beautiful wrought iron skylight that evokes the birdcage imagery.

hollycenations replied to your photo “¦ Are all those views of the birdcage dome on the sides of the Dalton…”

They are mirrors.

callie-quite-contrary replied to your photo “¦ Are all those views of the birdcage dome on the sides of the Dalton…”

I think they may be mirrors?

Ah thanks everyone!  *stares at angles curiously*  I guess if we’re looking at mirrors from below we see things above them…. yeah, I see it!

idk why I always assumed they were supposed to be windows!