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And of course, idk if it’s comforting to you but I think that is a real fear for lots of people despite maybe different opinions on particular details of things. Certainly something I’ve been feeling. <3

yeah, that is somewhat comforting actually.  Cause I’m here for canon but I’m here for fandom too, and it’s always nice to not be horribly out of sync with my dash/friends even with the worst happens.  Maybe especially when the worst happens, because we can at least be sad and comfort each other together.

*hugs for all*

awww you found the right gif for me!  thank you bb!  *hugs back* <3

continuing spoiler processing status:

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I really wonder which of the Glee characters is going to have their naked  pictures stolen this season.

I’d guess Rachel re: reaching back to “Naked.”  Where she chose not to have any taken, but when people (or life) take things from you, you can’t choose…

Top 9 Marlique Moments requested by crissonastick

Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Celebration Theatre’s Vibrant Voice Awards, April 26, 2014 [x]

Chris Colfer and Will Sherrod at Celebration Theatre’s Vibrant Voice Awards, April 26, 2014 [x]


It’s a bit late, but Happy National Bow Tie day!!


let’s be real blaine is the only human ever that can pull off this look


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I’m just glad to hear I’m not the only one who has gone through and meticulously organized her Glee music library. (I put the actor’s name in as artist as well. Each season is an album, each episode is a disc in that album.)

ooh, I didn’t realize you could put discs in albums, though I suppose that makes sense!  Now I know how to complete my organization ~someday when I have time.~  :)

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I find the idea of listing them by actor and not character very bothersome. It’s the CHARACTER singing, it’s different :p

I am sorry my itunes library is not up to your standards Jan :p.

No, I mean, you’re probably right.  I’m not sure why I have it by actor - except that they’re real people, and that’s how e.g. musical soundtracks usually tend to have things? - but I could (and probably do) have e.g. multiple Jean Valjeans in my collection, I’m never going to have multiple Kurt Hummels or Rachel Berrys.  Hmmm.  I’m not going to change it now, though, too much work (for all the many different duets/trios/group combinations)!

Fic: Slumber


likearumchocolatesouffle prompted sex while one of them of them is falling asleep or waking up. missbeizy your breathplay was breathtaking (LOLS), but Kurt is awfully tired now. Maybe it’s all the sex. 

For those wanting easy access (LOLS AGAIN), the great Porn off of 2014 has gone a little like this: 

A little voyeurism (me), Kurt’s butt being irrisitible (beizy), dirty talkin’ intergluteal (me), a teasing, furtive, public blowjob (beizy), bossy!kurt getting his way (me), and a little breathplay to top it off (beizy). For now. Damn that’s a lot of porn, I hadn’t realized how much. I think we all may be tagging this crazy #porn off 2014.

“Mmm, hey,” Kurt murmurs, accepting Blaine’s kiss as he crawls into bed. “Your lips are cold.”

“Well it’s cold out,” Blaine responds, whispering in the dark. Everyone in the apartment is asleep.

“Time is’t?” Kurt is already falling back asleep.

“One,” Blaine says. He’s settling under the heavy blankets, where a delicious heat from Kurt’s sleeping body has collected. “You’re—” Blaine’s exclaims when his hands find Kurt’s mostly naked.

“Was waiting,” Kurt rolls over onto his back.

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this is SO SO HOT.  Kurt wanting, and Blaine working at it, just… unf.

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Just add Blaine as an artist on all of the Blaine songs.

but but that’s not consistent nadia!

(… yeah okay i will)