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Rick’s not that complicated. He’s just a huge asshole.

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He is undoubtedly, absolutely, a huge asshole.

And he’s also complicated.  Without chipping that away at all.

It’s great.  That’s why I love this fucking show.

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I /always/ thought it sounded like Kurt was joking about saving Blaine from himself, there (although other meanings have been entertained in my mind)

saving him from himself???  *confused*

I mean, it definitely sounds playful/joking, yes.  I have always read it as innuendo tbh (which I know I have mentioned before) but I’m interested in this?

"I know what that does to you, when I win."

Huh Kurt I guess you don’t….

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I sent you a fanmail.

yep, I got it, thank you!  I will reply before I go to sleep but possibly not before you do idk <3.

Why did I ever think I wanted my OTP to be the alpha couple CAN I GIVE IT BACK.

Sam and Mercedes can have the spot okay???  Although I mean they are SO GREAT as beta’s ~slow and steady~ right now we probably don’t want to change that.  Rachel and Artie bc that would be fascinating and hilarious???

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I was really not very nice about one of them in someone’s inbox tonight and I feel terrible about it lol.

be not nice to meeee?  and def don’t feel terrible.  we love them way too much that is why we CARE.

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Yeah, I mean. “I’m never saying goodbye to you.” “I promise you, aren’t gonna lose me.” “We’ll figure out this whole long-distance relationship thing, I promise.” SOMEBODY HELP ME I’M SPIRALLING. also I watched most of this through my fingers

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When I say Kurt’s been promising things I think that’s a big deal, a shift since 5.14. Blaine asked for forever and Kurt said yes and then not much beyond that yes until Blaine moved out and Kurt started promising forever. It seems active.

Idk I am with robin on the promises part, I feel like Kurt keeps making them, and it’s not that he doesn’t mean them, or even isn’t keeping them now, I just, what does that mean, does it really help?  YOU WILL FIGURE IT OUT HOW?

eta: especially if you ~talk too much~ like there are tons of issues with both of them okay but that one was the most… where did that come from and WHY :/.


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i think it’s hard to disentangle bc i love the stuff about blaine feeling like a hero As You Know but then i also don’t like thinking about him thinking kurt *isn’t* one. so. can they both be pretty pls?

I would prefer that they both be human beings instead of heroes, actually.  I don’t think Blaine’s need to set himself up as a great savior to be worthy of any regard to his boyfriend is very kind to himself either.


However since Blaine is a fictional human being and not real it’s just that I happen to have a ~thing~ for fictional heroes who are consciously trying (and not always entirely succeeding) at living up to being heroes in their minds, which I have rambled at you about before, that is what I meant ;).

Reblogging instead of replying to steal those tags because YES they are so excellent, some of that stuff, insecure and full of myself all the time, it seems inconsistent listening to it but when you lay it all out like that somehow it seems to make more sense.

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I feel like clutching hands and insisting “it’s going to be okay”. It’s scary. but Kurt said he’d *never* not be in love with Blaine, he will always wake up in love, and Kurt’s been promising things and Blaine’s communicating even the bad. And love

I know but is promising really enough?  I mean these things are certainly better than they could be!  But oh god I just want them to be kinder, more charitable, more understanding of each other.  I feel like I shouldn’t talk too much until I watch things again and again because I’ll say something wrong and I love both of them and don’t want to be unfair to either and also I don’t want any more fights than I can help on this side of the screen.  But ‘we love each other’ isn’t all the answers, it’s in how you do it….

Which echoes back to Mercedes and Sam, too, hmm interesting.

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I’m trying to work through it. I was so so upset during the episode. :/

YEAH I kept pausing for little bits in some of those scenes.  It was really rougher than I was expecting for some reason.  I just don’t know :/.


Also, Artie learned about relationships and sex primarily from Brittany and Puck so… no surprise he doesn’t wear condoms (and thought he’d got Brittany pregnant?). Or that he’d never been tested. 

Jan I think the place my brain is going with ‘Artie learned about sex from Puck’ is not the place you were thinking of …..




Yeah, you’ll be skin

Thank you God, thank you Jesus, and God Bless America

immediate reactions, glee 5x16

uhhh samcedes were really cute and sweet?  always a nice thing to have for a couple tho i am not super invested like some of y’all <3

oh and the rachcedes interactions were also super sweet and awesome and interesting and i am really digging that dynamic right now

artie’s film school thing was mostly hilarious and possibly warrants more analysis - cronenberg? the way everything was ‘shot’ in his head?  tying in with the way he thinks about girls/women for actually ever (hiiii power of madonna so relevant here i was thinking it’d be naked but hm)?  idk if i care that much though

mostly what is happening to my otp i wanted drama but i’m not sure what to do with this :/


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My heart expands, ‘tis grown a bulge in’t / inspired by your beauty effulgent.

Hee! Precisely! I had utterly forgotten that at the time, but a friend reminded me, and I had a good giggle!

This was my outing (cut for the lilac hued prose):

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I just thought I should say I read this and then I reread the whole chapter (for the idk how many-th time) and I really love what you do with language.  It may be (well, is) more purple-y than average, whatever exactly ~purple~ means, but it *works.*  Each of your words and phrases means something and the fact that you have so many of them enables you to say a *lot* about the feelings of every moment, to keep, for example, so many and sometimes lengthy sex scenes all different and dynamic.  (Or, same for eating scenes, for example - many types of things.)

I mean talking about it so abstractly may sound like it’s not emotional or it’s not hot, and it is, both!  But the moment you’re describing there is just so specific and hard to describe and real - and maybe someone else could do it with just metaphors, or with inner dialogue, or… who knows.  But anyway I think you do something really really well there that’s hard to do, and I admire and enjoy your ability to do it ^_^.


If I can permit myself some baseless and unhelpful airing of Feelings for a moment.

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Okay I am starting off with just copying some of this and responding because I agree with most of it and I couldn’t say it better anyway.

Yes, this is about Klaine.  And process more so than happy endings.  Because life doesn’t even really *have* endings, so why would I care about those?  The rest is all a bunch of middle, it’s all about the ~journey.~

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