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Magic In the Making: Pondering what kind of show Glee would have been if Artie & Mercedes were our leads instead of Finn and Rachel


Oh wow I love that possibility for Rachel.  Cause the problem with Rachel was never Rachel, it’s that being the lead for her own story does not mean she has to be the lead for everyone’s.  And if Mr. Schue’s not declaring that she’s ~the lead~ she won’t get to be, and.  They let her sing the ballads, sometimes?  Artie declares a two-a-week limit, three under extenuating circumstances.  But they always clap after they do let her sing, so.  She is… in her head, she is in a constant audition.  She knows that she’s the best, she just needs to find the song to convince everyone else.  This changes slowly.

Of course they have Lauren!  Artie convinces her to join the Glee-and-band-kids squad in the hallways just for muscle, and she loves getting to scare people on their behalf.  She makes up numbers for competitions but otherwise only joins in the singing if she happens to be in the mood - sometimes she just dances, or, like, hangs out and plays the glockenspiel.  (I love the glockenspiel don’t ask me why.  Does ND even have one?)

We get Puck via Santana, good.  And we do get Quinn, but not till the near the very end of the season - not till she’s really starting to show and all her former friends are tearing her down.  Lauren defends her from some horrible person who was going to slam her into a locker belly-first, and when Quinn asks what she wants in return, says y’know what, I have a part in Glee today that I really do not feel like singing anymore.  I’m going to teach it to you.

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    Exactly what I was thinking. Blaine was obviously into Kurt from the start, it wasn’t until he realized how much Kurt...
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    I’m new, can I play? If Kurt goes to Dalton under happier circumstances, instead of being frustrated at the Glee boys,...
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    What about Rachel suggesting they spy on Dalton? Spying on the competition is Extremely Dramatic, and since she’s still...
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    Oh, this is the first part of how this story unfolds that makes me sad. Because, yeah, how would they meet if Kurt’s not...
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    Kurt’s not completely safe, but he’s much safer, yes. Him and Artie and everyone else too - but especially those two,...
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    So many potentials, so little time.
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    way the fuck even better.
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