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fanart appreciation post part two

(in no particular order)

magicalplaylist (art) - The thing about playlist’s art is that, whether the characters are annoyed or shy or sad or ridiculously happy, the art itself is always adorable.  Which makes for a lovely effect, where every piece makes you want to go *squeeee* and hold it close.  I love the style - it’s both flexible and unique - and the pictures, well, I could try to write a thousand words, but they’re better at speaking for themselves.  Look at the sheer sense of wonder and possibility this space au picture, or the amazed-ness and comfort of love in this fairytale one.  See how wonderfully Blaine’s adorableness is depicted and even amplified (and how is that possible?) superhero-ing as Phalanx with The Ghost by his side, or as both Kittenboy and Nightbird, doing Santana’s toenails with such dedication ;), and dancing and singing with Sam!  AHHHH these pictures are just so happy-making, I am so *bad* at talking about art which is why I don’t do it much even though I do love it, but just *rolls around in them grinning.*

rocketssurgery (art) (ridic hot porn sideblog) - Sometimes Gladys brings the hot, sometimes the cute, and sometimes the FEEEEEELS.  sometimes more than one at once too.  Just to mention some favorites!  Butch!Kurt being ‘hilarious and depressing’ (YES IT IS, distills that exact combo differently from anything we saw in the episode, and I haven’t even seen it on my dash before), love and happiness and surety into a kiss when they’ve maybe just finally stopped counting numbers, this looks like such an emotional makeup or reunion thing somehow, Kurt after the break up with pain and despair and desolation, break my heart why don’t you, another emotional hurt-but-love pic, and the sunshine twins time machine one that says exactly what we all want <3.  And of course, I Shouldn’t Want You But I Do, because if each picture’s worth a thousand words than this comic’s a whole epic of emotion and porn entwined in the best way possible (and it really really is); I know everyone’s already read it, but gah, so great.

ileliberte (art) - Draws a lot of really beautiful stuff, really.  Just - beautiful.  The lines are so flowing, the coloring’s so alive, and pretty and attractive characters are drawn so well for just LOOKING AND LOOKING at like this *_____*  Santana looks so great in a Dalton outfit and with Tina (the way they’re looking at each other!) and leaning against Brittany (and Brittany’s absorption in what she’s doing captures something about her for me so well), and with Brittany and Mercedes in a Disco Inferno/Stayin’ Alive costume mashup (GAHHH SO HOT).  And ALL THE PRETTY LADIES.  Mercedes with Sugar watching her sing ~enthusiastically~, relaxing with Kurt, as a Queen with Knight!Quinn!  And Quinn and Tina, sweet and beautiful and wanting together in the rain.

wthispattysimcox (art) - Gives us ALL THE CHARACTERS, all the groups.  With so much love and enthusiasm.  I reblog her art a lot and tag enthusiastically in a totally uniformed fashion, so let me just find a few that stick in my mind to link here.  Her pictures of "Come What May" and "Let’s Have a Kiki" have a composition that somehow feels iconic; these pictures of sad!Brittany and cheerio!Tina do not have nearly enough notes and give me ALL THE EPISODE FEELINGS, and finally, here, look at Kurt and Blaine from The First Time.  I’ve had a reblog of this in my drafts folder for *ages*; something about the wonder on Blaine’s face, the pose, the colors and shading that emphasize only the necessary things, just gets to me.  I could stare at it forever (and probably have).

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